World’s Largest Offshore Wind Turbine Successfully Grid-Connected

Chinese wind turbine and energy management company Envision Energy has announced a pivotal achievement in the renewable energy industry with the successful grid connection of the world’s most powerful offshore wind turbine, the EN-256/16.7 prototype.

This landmark event is a major advancement in the offshore wind sector. Deep-sea conditions are notoriously demanding, necessitating exceptional reliability from high-capacity wind turbines.

The EN-256/16.7 has emerged from Envision Energy’s in-house research and development, with innovations specifically tailored for deep-sea scenarios from manufacturing, delivery, installation, transportation to operation.

Its core components have been comprehensively optimized and upgraded, enhancing its power generation performance, and providing a new solution for offshore wind power development in deep-sea areas.

The deep-sea environment poses unprecedented challenges to the reliability and cost of various aspects of large wind turbine transportation, installation, and maintenance.

The new turbine employs modular design and reserves self-developed tooling interfaces, requiring only simple tools to complete component replacements such as external cooling core bodies and transformer windings.

Modular subcontracting and pre-assembly strategies also free the turbine from constraints related to transportation routes and port capacities, enabling delivery in diverse scenarios.

This approach addresses challenges associated with transporting and loading large turbines while minimising offshore operational time and enhancing installation efficiency.

Envision Energy said the successful grid connection of this model, as the world’s largest offshore wind turbine, validates the firm’s technological expertise and continuous influence in the offshore wind power industry and is expected to make a substantial contribution to reduce carbon emissions.