Vietnam's Electric Vehicle Maker Expands Reach in California

Automaker VinFast announced the opening of four more VinFast stores in Los Angeles and Orange County. The move affirms VinFast’s commitment to the retail and service system before the delivery of vehicles to US customers at the end of this year.

The four VinFast Stores are located in highly trafficked shopping centers. VinFast Canoga Park, VinFast Irvine Spectrum, and VinFast Marina Del Rey opened on December 14 and VinFast Del Amo Fashion Center will open later this month.

VinFast is also bringing into operation its first four service centers in California to provide EV maintenance and repair services. VinFast EV owners will receive customer care and after-sales services including a 10-year warranty – one of the best in the market – along with mobile service, 24/7 emergency roadside assistance during the warranty period, among other premium services.

Last week, VinFast also launched the VinFast Community in the US and organized a series of test drive events in California, bringing the most comprehensive and practical experience of the VF 8 model to local customers.

Giang Nguyen, CEO of VinFast US said: “We are proud to open four more VinFast stores in California, rapidly expanding our retail system to bring direct product experiences to customers and meet their vehicle needs. This will not only be where the customers learn more about VinFast’s products but also a place to connect VinFast to the customers and take care of them for a lifetime of car ownership.”

At VinFast stores, customers can gather information on VinFast products, explore the interior and exterior details of the VF 8 and VF 9 all-electric SUVs, as well as experience advanced technologies while receiving direct consultation on policies and products from VinFast experts.

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