US Solar Firm in Deal to Manufacture Wafers, Modules and Solar Cells in Indonesia

Houston headquartered SEG Solar (SEG), a producer of photovoltaic (PV) modules, and Kawasan Industri Terpadu Batang (Grand Batang City), the largest SOE industrial estate in Indonesia, have agreed on a land-utilisation deal for the development and operation of a photovoltaic industrial park in the Batang Regency, Java, Indonesia.

The park is anticipated to include factories for the production and assembly of silicon ingots, wafers, cells, and modules and is set to become Southeast Asia’s largest photovoltaic industrial park to date.

Located within Grand Batang City, in Central Java Province, Indonesia, the SEG Indonesia PV industrial park project will have an investment exceeding US$500 million and will cover over 40 hectares.

The overall plan for the park includes a vertical integration capacity of 5GW for silicon wafers, 5GW for solar cells, and 5GW for modules. Pursuant to the first phase of the project, SEG will construct facilities with a production capacity of 5GW for solar cells and 3GW for modules, with an expected completion date in Q2 2025.

The cells produced at this park will supply SEG’s global module factory, ensuring the traceability of the supply chain and guaranteeing the reliability and stability of core material supply for modules.

“Integrated layout across the entire industry chain is crucial for SEG to adhere to legally compliant supply chain standards. Through upstream and downstream coordination, SEG ensures the provision of clean, traceable green products for the markets in the United States, Europe, and Indonesia, thereby facilitating the global transition towards green, low-carbon energy,” said Jun Zhuge, Founder and COO of SEG.

The SEG Indonesia PV industrial park is expected to create over 3,000 job opportunities, providing more employment prospects and economic vitality for the local community.