UEFA Launches Climate Fund For 2024 European Football Championship

As part of UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany and under the slogan ‘United by Football – Together for Nature’, UEFA has established a climate fund from which German amateur clubs can request financial support for climate protection projects between 8 January and 30 June this year.

Sustainability is playing a key role in tournament preparations and was mentioned by the German Football Association (DFB) and the German federal government as one of the organisers’ key objectives during the bidding phase.

Martin Kallen, CEO of UEFA Events SA, said: “We are working incredibly hard to reduce the environmental impact of UEFA EURO 2024 by rigorously implementing our ESG strategy. UEFA is taking full responsibility for unavoidable CO2 emissions, which is why we have created the climate fund. And we are ensuring the fund will benefit the German football community, who will welcome fans from all over the world this summer and are busy setting the stage for a fantastic EURO.”

For each tonne of CO2 emissions produced in connection with UEFA EURO 2024, €25 will be donated to the climate fund. Based on pre-tournament projections, around €7 million will thus be made available for climate protection projects.

Clubs can choose from a set list of projects in the fields of energy, water, waste management and smart mobility. This significant investment in projects that will mitigate CO2 emissions over the long term will strengthen UEFA EURO 2024’s legacy both within the German football community and for the environment.

Funding applications can be made for any sum up to a maximum of €250,000. Clubs only have to raise a minimum of 10% of the requested grant (but no more than €5,000) themselves. A simplified application procedure applies to requests for less than €25,000, and applicants are allowed to combine various smaller projects in a single application. The whole application process has been made as straightforward as possible.

UEFA EURO 2024 will kick off in Munich on Friday 14 June and culminates with the final in Berlin on Sunday 14 July.