Toray and ITP Foods Unique Packaging Solution Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Japanese multinational corporation Toray Industries and its partner ITP Foods of Malaysia have announced a world first in food packaging by employing a proprietary Toray waterless electron beam offset printing system. This system is free of volatile organic compounds and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

The applications of flexible packaging include refillable pouches for foods, shampoos, and detergents. These materials are popular for their lightness, transparency, and processing ease.

Regular flexible packaging employs petroleum solvents in inks to print text, images, and other information on plastic films. The solvents release volatile organic compounds. Another issue with these inks is that they require equipment to heat, dry, and incinerate these solvents in the printing process. These processes consume a lot of energy.

The environmental harms of carbon dioxide from energy consumed in printing on base films and the impacts on work environments from volatile organic compounds make it vital to slash carbon dioxide emissions and eliminate those compounds in printing processes.

Toray has demonstrated and researched practical applications for waterless electron beam offset printing technology by employing its proprietary ‘Imprima’ offset printing plate. This setup cuts volatile organic compounds and carbon dioxide emissions in printing processes by at least 80%.

ITP Foods has chosen to incorporate Toray’s environmentally conscious printing technology for its film packaging in the production of its new products. An additional advantage of adopting this technology is its superior printing performance compared to conventional options, particularly when packaging delicate Southern Asia food ingredients.

The packaging for new ITP Foods products showcases the use of eco-friendly printing technology. They carry the P4E Mark to indicate that the printing system is free of volatile organic compounds and the Monarch Butterfly Mark to show the use of waterless printing plates.

Toray and ITP Foods said they will now accelerate the deployment of environmentally friendly electron beam offset printing technology in producing flexible packaging.