The Circulate Initiative Releases Plastic Pollution Solutions Factsheets

The Circulate Initiative, a non-profit organisation dedicated to solving the ocean plastic pollution challenge in emerging markets, has launched a series of country factsheets, highlighting the current state of investments to tackle plastic pollution across 50 countries globally. 

The factsheets are released at a pivotal time, following the recent Fourth Session of the International Negotiating Committee in Ottawa (INC-4) to discuss the terms of a global plastics treaty, and reveal critical insights into individual countries’ policy and investment landscapes.

Each country overview provides an easily-accessible summary of the key factors influencing the investment landscape for plastic pollution solutions, including: 

  • An overview of plastic material flows, including plastic production, consumption, waste generation, and trade.
  • The status of implementation of various policies across upstream, midstream, and downstream of the plastics value chain. 
  • An overview of investments in waste and plastic waste management. 
  • A deep dive into private investments into solutions that drive a circular economy for plastics with details including a breakdown of the types of solutions that are receiving the most private investment in various economies and the types of investors. 

Data on private investment into solutions that drive a circular economy for plastics is derived from The Circulate Initiative’s landmark Plastics Circularity Investment Tracker, launched in 2023, which revealed that nearly 90% of private capital directed towards tackling plastic pollution since 2018 was in North America and Europe – despite emerging markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America being disproportionately impacted by plastic pollution.

Top ten countries for Private Capital Investments for Plastics Circularity (2018-2023)

CountryTotal Deal Value (2018 – 6M 2023)  (US$ billion)
1United States64.8
4United Kingdom18.4

Umesh Madhavan, Research Director at The Circulate Initiative noted that the ongoing negotiations and crucial intersessional work present an opportunity to accelerate progress towards raising the nearly US$17 trillion in public and private investment needed between 2025 to 2040 to reduce annual mismanaged plastic volumes by 90% relative to 2019 levels.  

“Following INC-4, we are cautiously optimistic about Member State aspirations to work towards an ambitious plastics pollution treaty. The mobilisation of different sources and types of financing, and the creation and operationalization of the environmental fund for the treaty will be key factors to its success. Alongside the investment landscape, we hope the factsheets provide decision makers with a critical overview to identify opportunities and drive more capital into circular solutions,” Madhavan said.