Thai Stock Exchange Partners With Carbonwize on New Carbon Management Platform

Carbonwize, a Thai-based decarbonisation platform which leverages AI technology to help businesses decarbonise their supply chains, while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, announced a strategic partnership with the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to launch a carbon management platform for listed companies.

The partnership aims to significantly improve the process of greenhouse gas reporting among the more than 840 companies listed on the SET.

SET revealed that only half of the listed companies have been submitting their greenhouse gas emissions reports, with just a third of these reports undergoing verification. This discrepancy is largely said to be due to the complexities of carbon calculation, data collection, and high costs.

By providing a user-friendly platform that simplifies carbon accounting and reporting, Carbonwize aims to address these challenges. The platform categorises data by industry type, provides automatic calculations, generates compliant reports and facilitates data verification by auditors.

The report is then used to comply with the annual disclosure report required by the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Companies can benefit from utilising the report to demonstrate transparency and environmental responsibility and establish climate policies.

“The launch not only marks a significant milestone for us but sets a new standard for Thai industry. It paves the way for 840 listed companies to embark on their net zero journeys and opens up a groundbreaking opportunity to extend our reach to their supply chains and over 700,000 private companies and SMEs in Thailand,” said Natalie Lerthatasilp, CEO of Carbonwize.