Tasmania Wind Energy Development Moves Another Step Closer

Supplying Tasmania with green offshore wind energy has taken another step forward with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Rockliff Liberal Government and owners of the Bass Offshore Wind Energy (BOWE), project.

The BOWE project is a partnership between renewables proponents Nexsphere and Equinor which have plans for a multi-gigawatt offshore wind for Bass Strait, in North-East Tasmania.

The MoU was signed at the 5th annual Energy Development Conference in Devonport and will see the parties work together to progress the BOWE project and to assist Northern Tasmania in being declared an Offshore Renewable Energy Zone by the Australian Government.

“The Rockliff Liberal Government is committed to promoting and developing Tasmania’s ocean and tidal renewable energy resources under the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan,” Guy Barnett, Tasmania’s Minister for Energy and Renewables said.

“Tasmania is well placed to support the development of offshore wind energy leveraging our world-class wind resource and our existing major industries and new industries including green hydrogen.

Bass Strait has been named as one of the top options for offshore wind energy generation in the country identified by the Australian Energy Market Organisation and the national Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre.

According to Barnett, major renewable projects are vitally important to keep growing the Tasmanian economy and for access to affordable, reliable and clean energy in the Australian State.