Australian Carbon Farming Scorecard Shows Positive Steps For Transparency, Integrity and Governance

The carbon farming industry in Australia has made important step-changes in the last 12 months as new policies, programs and review recommendations continue to be implemented across key jurisdictions, according to the Carbon Market Institute’s […]


Laos Launches Forest Carbon Credit Project

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, the Lao government has signed an agreement with AIDC Green Forest (AIDC) to launch a forest carbon credit initiative. Under the Memorandum […]


Vietnam Receives US$51.5 Million World Bank Payment for Reducing Emissions Through Forest Preservation

Vietnam has received a US$51.5 million payment for verified emissions reductions (carbon credits) for reducing deforestation and forest degradation (commonly known as REDD+) and for enhancing carbon stored in forests through reforestation and afforestation. The […]