Sustainable Biofuels Start-up Green COP Secures Significant Angel Investment

Green COP, a Singapore-based deep-tech start-up in sustainable fuel solutions, announced the successful conclusion of its angel investment round. The company has garnered substantial funding from a curated group of angel investors, including corporate investor, Ken Energy positioning Green COP for accelerated growth.

Driving this strategic move is the appointment of Teo Teng Seng, a veteran in the maritime industry, as its Chairman. Widely recognised for his leadership acumen and maritime expertise, Teo played a pivotal role in spearheading the angel investment round, providing invaluable insights and support to guide Green COP through this phase.

In a noteworthy development soon to be announced, Green COP’s strategic collaboration with a leading global integrated palm oil player aims to leverage synergies in sustainable practices, further enhancing Green COP’s capabilities in transforming biowaste into sustainable biofuels.

Dr. Hanson Lee, co-founder and CEO of Green COP said: “We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Teo Teng Seng as Chairman of our Board. His wealth of experience and strategic vision align perfectly with our goals, propelling us towards new horizons.”

Green COP’s patented pre-treatment and fermentation technology yields more efficient drop-in fuels that seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, facilitating a smooth transition to sustainable energy solutions. Green COP’s alcohol-based biofuels boasts an extended shelf life of more than 24 months and contribute to a significant 30% reduction in Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions.

“We are grateful for the trust and confidence demonstrated by our investors. This funding, enables us to launch a pilot biofuels plant, a transformative milestone in our start-up journey. With Mr. Teo’s guidance, we are well positioned for success in the next phase,” added Dr. Lee.

With the newly acquired funds, the company, is poised to establish a sustainable biofuels pilot plant with a daily production capacity of 1 ton. This initiative aims to not only bolster market outreach but also underscores Green COP’s commitment to nurturing a sustainable economy within the maritime and transportation sectors.