Sungrow Kicks Off South Australia’s 2nd Largest Energy Storage Project

Sungrow, a global PV inverter and energy storage system supplier, has been awarded Notice to Proceed (NTP) from ZEN Energy for the commencement of the 111MW/291MWh Templers BESS project in South Australia.

The project, in partnership with ZEN Energy as the client and Shanxi Electric Power Construction (SEPC) as the consortium partner, marks SA’s second largest energy storage and the second largest stand-alone BESS installation in Australia.

Notably, the Templers project has received its grid connection approval from the Australian Energy Market Operator before the contract execution and the project is expected to achieve commercial in 2025.

The core of the solution lies in Sungrow’s state-of-the-art liquid cooling battery technology, which will play a crucial role in grid reliability, mitigating intermittency issues and stabilising power supply.

The chosen product, PowerTitan energy storage system, is tailored to meet the requirements of the Australian market and policy environment. The deployment of Sungrow’s advanced technology will also contribute to carbon dioxide reduction, supporting South Australia’s transition towards a sustainable energy future.