Solar Plant at Indonesia’s New Capital to Cut 104,000 Tons of CO2 Emissions

At a groundbreaking ceremony for a 50-megawatt solar power plant at his country’s new capital Nusantara, in East Kalimantan, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said the facility would cut up to 104 thousand tons of carbon emissions every year.

The President added that the construction of the solar plant, which could produce around 93-gigawatt hours of green energy per year, supported his government’s sincerity in establishing a reliable and environmentally friendly electricity system for the power needs of Nusantara.

The President added that the construction would augment the infrastructure being developed for the relocated capital city and the construction of four hospitals, and schools, four five-star hotels, and one four-star hotel will soon begin at Nusantara.

In addition to utilising solar power, the electricity system at Nusantara will also tap the hydropower potential of rivers and lakes around the region, Indonesian news agency Antara reports

“The fulfillment of new and renewable energy at Nusantara is in line with the concept of developing it as a capital city with a forest city concept, in this way, the electricity system will be based on new and renewable energy so that we will not only produce reliable electricity, but also clean and environmentally friendly electricity,” Widodo added.