Singapore Launches Coastal Protection and Flood Management Centre of Excellence

​​​​​Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB), in partnership with the National University of Singapore (NUS), has launched the Coastal Protection and Flood Resilience Institute (CFI) Singapore.

The new entity is Singapore’s first Centre of Excellence dedicated to strengthening local capabilities and expertise in coastal protection and flood management research and solutions.

Beyond its role in drainage planning and stormwater management, PUB was appointed the national coastal protection agency in 2020. PUB has since embarked on master-planning and site-specific studies, strengthened competencies in coastal hydrodynamic modelling, and launched research initiatives to develop effective strategies to safeguard Singapore’s resilience against the impacts of climate change.

CFI Singapore is a key pillar under PUB’s S$125 million Coastal Protection and Flood Management Research Programme (CFRP) that will galvanise research and technology development in coastal protection and flood management.

In addition to CFI Singapore, the CFRP will also facilitate the test-bedding of new solutions and accelerate the translation of technologies for application through the Applied Research and Living Lab components.

Hazel Khoo, Director of PUB’s Coastal Protection Department, said: “CFI Singapore marks a new chapter in Singapore’s journey in coastal protection and flood management. We are making a significant investment in research to gain the necessary knowledge and insights for coastal and flood resilience, develop innovative solutions tailored to overcome our local constraints and ensure our people and infrastructure are protected well into the future.”