Singapore Launches Clean Energy-Powered Service Stations, Featuring High-Powered EV Chargers

Singapore’s has unveiled its first smart and clean energy-powered service stations. The project was developed following an innovation grant awarded to Singapore renewable energy solutions provider Eigen Energy in March 2021, by the Singapore Energy Market Authority (EMA) and Shell, with support from Enterprise Singapore.

Three Shell service stations located across the city-state will provide electric vehicle (EV) charging using 100% certified renewable energy, including energy from the solar panels at the rooftops of these stations and other Shell rooftops across Singapore.

The energy harnessed from solar panels at the rooftops of each station also helps to power the service stations, which are integrated with a battery energy storage system (BESS). Shell’s smart energy management system controls the BESS and monitors the power consumption to enable high-powered EV charging.

The service stations will also offer the fastest electric vehicle (EV) charging available at service stations in Singapore – more than three times faster than the 50kW DC chargers commonly available. Depending on the vehicle model, a typical 30kWh charging session at these three service stations can now be completed in less than 15 minutes.

“We hear from EV drivers that many chose EVs to support sustainability. Now we are glad to better serve our EV community with cleaner charging options using 100% certified renewable energy” said Doong Shiwen, General Manager of Mobility Singapore at Shell. “Coupled with being the fastest EV chargers in service stations, these three stations embody our vision of the future of mobility and push us forward in our goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

In line with efforts under the Singapore Green Plan 2030 to increase solar energy deployment, this project is part of a multi-year partnership between EMA and Shell to foster innovation, support local companies, and strengthen capabilities in energy storage and digitalisation.