Singapore Food Tech Start-Up Launches Plant-Based Poached Egg and Egg Yolk

Singapore-based Float Foods is launching its 100% plant-based poached egg and egg yolk during an international trade show in the Lion City this week.

Developed with proprietary technology by Float Foods’ research and development team, “OnlyEg”, a legume-based poached egg and yolk substitute, will make its debut at the Food & Hotel Asia exhibition at the Singapore Expo from 25-28 April 2023.

According to a report from the Asia Food Journal, the OnlyEg Poached Eg will give the food industry a pioneering solution to their plant-based menus that will allow them to serve a ready-to-heat, plant-based poached egg.

Float Foods claims the move will offer a practical solution for large café chains, hotel breakfast buffets, institutional caterers, and airlines in addressing vegan needs.

From a sustainability angle, unlike conventional eggs, OnlyEg’s Poached Eg and Eg Yolk require less land, water and feed to produce, which also results in lowering the carbon footprint of the product.

Founded by Vinita Choolani, Float Foods develops food technology and innovations in plant-based eggs and alternative proteins with the aim of contributing to food safety, creating a sustainable environment, and enabling consumers to eat healthy, nutritious foods.

“We are thrilled to introduce OnlyEg‘s Poached Eg and Eg Yolk, which are among the first plant-based whole egg available in Asia. Our mission is to provide sustainable and nutritious food options that are good for the planet and good for the people.”

“We believe that OnlyEg will revolutionise the alternative egg industry and offer a more sustainable and ethical alternative to conventional eggs,” Choolani told Asia Food Journal.

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