Singapore and Malaysian Firms Ink MoU to Develop Vertical Farming

Singapore-based agritech company Archisen is partnering with Malaysian agro-food company FarmByte to develop an automated vertical indoor farm dedicated to producing Asian greens in Johor, Malaysia.

FarmByte, a pioneering digital-first agro-food company and part of the Johor Corporation (JCorp) Group formalised the memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Archisen, to establish a groundbreaking joint venture in urban farming.

The agreement will see the pair pool their resources and technical expertise for this innovative venture to focus on creating an automated vertical indoor farm in Malaysia’s southern state.

FarmByte will provide the farming infrastructure and invaluable local insights, while Archisen supplies the technical know-how, offering counsel on indoor farming practices and essential technological requirements, including automation systems and data analytics.

Additionally, Archisen will facilitate comprehensive training for FarmByte’s employees, ensuring adeptness in the latest vertical farming technologies.

Vertical farming has been on the rise in both Singapore and Malaysia, reflecting their intensified focus on food security and the pursuit of self-reliance. Singapore’s ambitious ’30 by 30’ initiative has spurred the acceleration of vertical farming, as the nation aims to have 30% of its nutritional needs locally produced by 2030.

Similarly, the Malaysian government has placed a strong emphasis on increasing local food production and the self-sufficiency ratio of main food products like fruits and vegetables. This has catalysed the exploration of indoor farming solutions by many local companies, including Johor-based FarmByte.