Seviora Capital Launches the Future of Food and Farming Strategy in Asia Pacific

Seviora Holdings (Seviora) has partnered with Temasek, the global investment company owned by the Government of Singapore, to jointly invest in late venture and early growth Agri-Food Companies in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, through Seviora Capital’s The Future of Food and Farming (Seviora T3F) strategy.

Since August 2023, the Seviora T3F strategy has raised US$173 million. The amount comprises seed capital from Seviora and Temasek, which ensures a strong alignment of interest with all investors, an investment by cornerstone investor Norinchukin Bank, as well as investments from other institutional investors.

Seviora Capital expects to raise capital from institutional investors to participate in this commitment to drive transformation in the Agri-Food industry.

The Seviora T3F Strategy invests in compelling, innovative, and high-growth Agri-Food companies in the region that provide sustainable solutions and technologies to meet the challenges posed by massive demographic changes and fast-evolving consumer needs.

It looks to identify companies that can help the Agri-Food system accelerate to a more sustainable and resilient future, and one which meets evolving consumption trends.

An ecosystem of Agri-Food high growth and start-up companies is emerging rapidly across the region and building momentum. These companies are crucial in developing solutions and technologies that are deployable at scale and can address the challenges and opportunities in the Agri-Food systems both in APAC and around the world.

“The Seviora T3F Strategy is a unique investment avenue to gain exposure and benefit from the transformation and high-growth in the Agri-Food sector in the APAC region,” said Jimmy Phoon, CEO at Seviora and Seviora Capital. “Seviora is excited to jointly invest with Temasek, a globally recognised leader in the Agri-Food sector, to capture the potential of this industry. We will be able to access a strong pipeline of investment opportunities through leveraging Temasek’s extensive network and ecosystem, as well as their experience and success in this space.”

As Investment Manager, Seviora Capital will build a portfolio of investments from opportunities identified by Temasek, leveraging their extensive investment network, deep knowledge, and strong sourcing capability in the Agri-Food sector. Seviora Capital and Temasek will jointly evaluate these opportunities, capitalise on each other’s complementary strengths, and independently make investment decisions.

Seviora and Temasek view the Agri-Food sector as being at a pivotal inflection point and presenting attractive investment opportunities. Through the Seviora T3F Strategy, Seviora and Temasek aim to capitalise on macro trends shaping the APAC Agri-Food sector and make investments that will drive transformation and positive changes across the Agri-Food value chain:

Asia is home to 60% of the world’s population but only 35% of global arable land. Asia will need to produce more with less to feed its growing population. The region is projected to add another 250 million new citizens, equivalent to Indonesia’s population, by 2030.