Samsung SDI Becomes First Lithium Battery Business to Receive Carbon Footprint Label

South Korea’s Samsung SDI announced that the company has become the first lithium battery maker to receive carbon footprint labels from Carbon Trust.

Founded in 2001 by the UK government to combat climate change and promote decarbonisation, Carbon Trust assesses GHG emissions throughout a product’s life cycle from the extraction of raw materials to the disposal, and awards certificates accordingly using internationally recognized standards.

“Having our products’ carbon footprint certified is the acknowledgement of our product’s eco-friendliness and our vigorous efforts to reduce carbon emissions,” said Samsung SDI President and CEO Yoon-ho Choi and highlighted, “We will make the world greener and sustainable through our innovative technology.”

Samsung SDI’s products that obtained carbon footprint labels of CO2 Measured are 4.8Ah cylindrical battery cells and 49.5Ah prismatic battery modules, both of which serve as key components in electric vehicles.

Samsung SDI underlined that this feat is a testament to its conformance to global standards with respect to the environmental impact across the product life cycle. The company plans on fortifying its organizational competence for carbon accounting thereby further reducing carbon emissions.

Committed to transitioning to 100% renewable electricity by 2050, Samsung SDI has been ramping up its efforts to decarbonise its business by carrying out key tasks such as the deployment of high-efficiency equipment and the recycling of waste energy.