Regional Media Groups Form Asia’s First Sustainability Impact Consortium

Three Asean media powerhouses have come together to form the Asia Sustainability Impact Consortium, with a shared mission to foster influence that promotes sustainability principles as the main driver of green economic growth across the region.

Star Media Group (SMG), Media Group of Kompas Gramedia (KG Media) of Indonesia, and the Inquirer Group of Companies (IGC) of the Philippines have signed a memorandum of understanding to form this first cross-border alliance of its kind.

The consortium will strategically leverage the prowess of the three media powerhouses to facilitate collaborative action between stakeholders, businesses and the public – collectively reaching 123 million people across the region.

SMG chief business officer Lydia Wang, who was instrumental in the establishment of the consortium, emphasised the need for a strategic collaboration to help accelerate the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda not only within each country, but also across the continent.

“There is a pressing need for clarity and support to facilitate a smoother transition towards ESG alignment in business practices. This, in addition to the regulatory barriers from various international regulations, as well as reporting standards that businesses are expected to adhere to and prioritise as these will impact them.

“By forging this strategic alliance, we aim to amplify our impact on various fronts and make a difference through our shared objectives across the diverse platforms owned by our esteemed partners and Star Media Group,” she said.

The Asia Sustainability Impact Consortium strives to build a future where sustainability is at the core of our communities. This will be achieved through a three-pronged strategy – education, engagement and community – that will be led by each of the media partners’ brands: StarESG, KG Media Lestari and the Inquirer ESG Edge.

The consortium’s approach to education involves integrating sustainability into the social consciousness through a comprehensive media strategy that spans across print, digital and social media platforms.

Under the engagement aspect, the alliance aims to bridge the gap between newcomers and experienced sustainability practitioners by creating opportunities and fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange and professional growth.

To strengthen its impact, the consortium will establish a like-minded fraternity that will serve as a voice of authority on sustainability matters. This community of experts and enthusiasts will provide insights and guidance – shaping discussions and advising key stakeholders that will contribute to the development of impactful and lasting solutions.

SMG chief executive officer Chan Seng Fatt said that by creating the right ecosystem, this consortium can be a driving force in fuelling momentum, uniting diverse stakeholders, and shaping a sustainable future for our region.

“Through this, we hope that we will be able to encourage greater adoption among companies and inspire them to be part of this movement.

“It is a journey that must be embarked on collectively, turning aspirations into actions to effectively advance the transition to net zero and shape a sustainable future for our region,” he said.