Quantum Mobility Electric Motorcycles Ready to Hit The Road in Singapore

Electric motorcycle startup Quantum Mobility has received its first fleet of electric motorcycles in Singapore. The arrival of the eco-friendly vehicles marks a significant step forward in Quantum Mobility’s efforts to accelerate the adoption of electric motorcycles, promote sustainable transportation and reduce carbon emissions in the city-state.

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority, known for its stringent safety standards has approved the G2 Quantum electric motorcycles for Singapore roads. Singapore has been actively promoting the adoption of electric vehicles and the arrival of Quantum Mobility’s electric fleet aligns with the government’s initiatives to encourage cleaner transportation options and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Quantum Mobility’s Anders Quek said the electric 2-wheelers feature state-of-the-art technology, combining sleek design with high reliability and safe riding capabilities. The vehicles are equipped with a 3000w electric motor, multi-mode riding options, reverse gear, and many other features that will offer the rider smooth acceleration and a comfortable riding experience.

With a range of 90km and with a 2-hour charge time, the rider is able to charge up the motorcycle at various Type 2- AC charge stations across the island. With zero tailpipe emissions, the G2 Quantum offers an environmentally friendly alternative to 140,000 traditional gasoline-powered motorcycles in Singapore.

To provide more charging options to the riders, Quantum Volts, a sister company of the incumbent is set to deploy charge and swap infrastructure across the island. This will ensure fleet owners and consumers alike, have easy access to power their electric motorcycles continuously.

The company intends to launch its sales in August through road shows and through specific online channels.