Phnom Penh Airport Gets Green Pass

Phnom Penh International Airport has met all the requirements to upgrade to Level 3 Optimisation in Airport Carbon Accreditation, becoming the first airport in Cambodia to reach this level.

At Level 3, Phnom Penh International Airport extends its efforts beyond simply managing emissions within its direct control, actively involving and inspiring its entire ecosystem to participate in impactful climate actions.

Operated by VINCI Airports, Phnom Penh International Airport maintains high sustainability standards. One of its main initiatives is the upgrade to energy-efficient lighting, which drastically reduces electricity consumption and thereby lowers the airport’s carbon footprint.

Additionally, the airport has implemented the latest generation of wastewater treatment plants, further emphasising its commitment to sustainability.

Airport Carbon Accreditation is the only institutionally-endorsed, global carbon management certification programme for airports. It independently assesses and recognises the efforts of airports to manage and reduce their carbon emissions through 7 levels of certification: ‘Mapping’, ‘Reduction’, ‘Optimisation’, ‘Neutrality’, ‘Transformation’, ‘Transition’ and ‘Level 5’.

Through its 7 levels of certification, Airport Carbon Accreditation acknowledges that airports are at different stages in their journey towards comprehensive carbon management. It is a programme for airports of all sizes, extending beyond hubs and regional airports with scheduled passenger traffic, to include general aviation and freight-focused airports.