Peer-to-Peer Platform to Accelerate Singapore’s Green Energy Aspirations

Singapore’s Senoko Energy has announced the launch of SolarShare 2.0 – the first commercially available peer-to-peer grid scale trading platform for solar energy in the country.

Following the successful launch of the pilot project back in 2020, Senoko says SolarShare 2.0 is set to revolutionise the energy landscape by enabling businesses and households in Singapore to be powered, at scale, with renewable energy.

In line with the city-state government’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, SolarShare 2.0 seeks to enable businesses and households to enjoy sustainable green energy 24/7 in time to come, when green energy imports and battery storage become available.

With this innovative peer-to-peer trading platform, businesses and households will be able to buy and sell their own solar energy at their preferred price, making it more accessible and affordable.

Senoko customers will be able to buy energy matched to specific solar generators, or from a community pool of excess solar energy. Another key feature of SolarShare 2.0 is that it allows businesses and households to track the source, time, and price of solar energy over the grid as well as measure and trace their energy consumption every half hour.

This transparency enables businesses and households to monitor their energy usage and make informed decisions to further reduce their carbon footprint.

Eric Maka, President & CEO of Senoko Energy said: “SolarShare 2.0 is one of our key decarbonisation initiatives, along with our recent partnership with City Energy to jointly study the technical and commercial feasibility of the import and supply of hydrogen. These initiatives demonstrate Senoko’s strong commitment to playing our part to help Singapore achieve its net zero vision.

SolarShare 2.0 will now be available exclusively to all Senoko Energy’s business and household customers from November 1, 2023. Businesses and households utilising the trading platform will be charged a platform subscription fee of as low as S$5.40 (including GST) per month.