New Hybrid Train Joins Adelaide’s Green Fleet

After a successful testing period, a newly converted hybrid train will be running on the Outer Harbor, Grange, and Belair lines on the Adelaide Metro network – instantly recognisable by its distinctive bright-green wrap.

Hybrid-diesel trains are quieter and release fewer fumes than traditional diesel trains, using up to 20% less fuel and providing a more comfortable journey for passengers.

Each rail car of this two-car train set has been fitted with an Energy Storage and Recovery System. These two cars are the first of 44 diesel railcars expected to be fitted with the hybrid system.

The Energy Storage and Recovery System works by recovering excess energy when the train brakes and storing it in a battery for later use.

The battery will also be used instead of the diesel engine to supply auxiliary loads – power for lighting and air-conditioning, for example – at the train platform within Adelaide Railway Station to reduce noise, emissions, and air pollution.

Installation of the Energy Storage and Recovery System on the remaining trains will be a phased roll-out, with all trains expected to feature the new system by late 2024.

Once fully installed, Adelaide Metro will save an estimated 2,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Adelaide Metro is also accelerating toward a greener future across its bus fleet, with two hydrogen buses hitting Adelaide’s streets in late August and the state’s first full-battery electric bus expected to start taking passengers by the end of October.

Both battery-electric and hydrogen-powered buses offer a range of benefits for passengers, including a smoother ride, reduced noise, and fuel-based pollution.