New Exchange Wants to Connect Sustainable Investment With Global Climate Projects 

Net Zero-X, a Singapore-based blockchain exchange for impact investors, has been launched to tackle the significant financing gap impeding the global transition to a net zero future. 

Open to institutional and accredited investors, the Net Zero-X exchange enables sustainability-minded investors to identify and support vetted green, clean, and climate tech projects. 

“The sustainable investment space has a matchmaking problem, undermining efforts to combat climate change globally. There are trillions of dollars in the private space looking to invest in profitable, exciting sustainability projects, while many cleantech initiatives are unable to identify and connect with relevant investors to bring their solution to life,” said Glenn Davies, Co-Founder of Net Zero-X.” 

“With this exchange, we bridge this gap by enabling project owners and sustainably focused start-ups to present their solutions on a regulated, readily accessible platform and investors having a single-place of outreach to finding valuable, verified sustainable projects across the globe.” 

The exchange has identified 60 immediate sustainability projects seeking investment, with plans to onboard many more in the future to drive capital mobilisation for a sustainable future. 

Net Zero-X aims to onboard 500 projects within the next five years, facilitating the deployment of over US$10 billion in impact capital over the next decade. This ambitious goal positions Net Zero-X as one of the largest and most influential platforms for sustainable finance globally.

The Net Zero-X exchange is launching with its flagship project: the world’s first ‘Drive-In Waste Disposal & Energy Recovery Hub. This UK-based initiative aims to redirect waste from conventional landfill sites to a state-of-the-art facility, significantly reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact while maximising resource recovery. 

Net Zero-X’s platform is built off of technology by Singaporean blockchain company Chintai, which holds two licenses from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Chintai’s platform can offer full transparency and secure the exchange’s investments, elevating investor confidence by fostering greater investor confidence by providing immutable and verifiable records of all transactions. 

By collaborating with Chintai, Net Zero-X is able to save valuable development time and start facilitating the deployment of critical capital to projects earlier.  

“Blockchain technology provides unparalleled transparency, is safe through its immutable records, and is more effectively deployed than traditional investment instruments,” said David Packham, Chintai’s Founder and CEO. “At Chintai we leverage the blockchain to empower growing companies to secure funding and investments in emerging business sectors such as Net Zero-X in the cleantech and sustainability space.”