Maybank Signs on as EV Finance Partner For Tesla in Malaysia

In its strategic partnership with Tesla, Maybank is providing a holistic and integrated auto financing solution for buyers of the Model Y in Malaysia.

Aligned with the banking Group’s strategic aspirations to become the leading ESG financier in ASEAN, Malaysia’s Maybank has welcomed the announcement by Tesla to enter the electric vehicle (EV) market for their Model Y in Malaysia.  

Tesla buyers opting for financing with Maybank will receive preferential and competitive financing rates as well as flexible repayment options, with up to 90% financing through Maybank’s EV Financing.

The streamlined application process provides prospective Tesla buyers with an integrated automobile financing offering insurance/takaful coverage and other benefits.

The EV Financing offers a swift one-day approval with a dedicated auto sales team. Upon making the purchase for their Tesla online, buyers can opt for Maybank’s EV financing, ensuring a seamless and convenient process from start to end.

“Through Tesla’s cutting-edge innovations and bolstered by Maybank’s innovative financial solutions, we believe that it will contribute to the growth of the EV market in the country, driving sustainable mobility solutions as well as enhancing the adoption of clean energy in reducing carbon emission,” said Khairussaleh Ramli, Maybank Group President and CEO.

In its sustainable financing push, Maybank has mobilised green home financing solutions including solar panel financing; preferential rates for EVs and hybrid vehicles.

It also introduced the first-of-its-kind insurance and takaful coverage for EV home chargers and a carousel of financing products through the Low Carbon Transition Facility to facilitate the transition for sustainable practices by supporting SMEs who are committed to reducing their environmental footprints.