Malaysia Now Home to the Largest Tesla Supercharging Station in Southeast Asia

Through a collaboration with Malaysian engineering, property and infrastructure company Gamuda Land, Tesla’s latest supercharging station is located at Gamuda Cove in South West Kuala Lumpur, and offers a total of 6 superchargers and 18 destination chargers.

According to the two companies the collaboration between them marks a significant step forward in enhancing accessibility and convenience of charging electric vehicles (EVs) in the area.

Available for access around the clock, according to a report from the New Straits Times, the pay-per-use Supercharging fee rate is RM 1.25/kWh. Idle fee is up to RM4.00 per-minute when the supercharging station is 100% occupied.

The Supercharging payments are automatically processed from the payment method in the Tesla App, which also allows users to view availability, navigate to, and monitor charge status of superchargers.

According to the report Tesla said they are dedicated to building more charging infrastructure and expanding charging network in Malaysia and more of its charging stations will be operational in the next few months.

To support travelling between Malaysia and Singapore, Tesla also said it would continue to expand the charging network to Singapore with a total of 11 supercharging stations and 9 Destination charging stations.