Largest Diameter of Onshore Wind Turbine to Date to be Installed at Vietnam’s Hai Anh Wind Farm

Image Credit: Shanghai Electric

Electric Wind Power a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric, signed a deal to provide its advanced wind turbines to joint venture partners Hai Anh Wind Power Company, for the Hai Anh Wind Farm Project in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam.

The wind farm will cover an area of 855.25 hectares with an installed capacity of 40MW and will utilise eight of the company’s WH5.25-172 wind turbine units, bolstering Vietnam’s green energy transformation.

The Hai Anh Wind Farm Project is Electric Wind Power’s first wind power project in Vietnam and is utilizing Electric Wind Power’s WH5.25-172 wind turbine unit, which boasts the largest onshore wind turbine diameter in the Vietnamese market to date.

With a hub centre height of 125 meters, the project has the largest single machine capacity and the highest hub centre height among all of the company’s international onshore projects.

The Hai Anh Wind Farm Project’s foundation anchor components will be delivered at the end of March 2024, and the first batch of four of the Company’s wind turbines will be delivered in early June 2024, with the second batch of four due to be delivered in mid-June 2024.

The hoisting of the wind turbines will be completed by the end of August 2024 and is expected to be completed and connected to the grid prior to November 2024.