Laos Wants to Sell Wind Power to Vietnam

Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has received proposals from seven wind farm investors in Laos that want to sell electricity to Vietnam, with a total capacity of nearly 4,150 MW, Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has said.

Lao investors will offer to sell over 682 MW of wind power before 2025 while the remaining amount will be delivered after this period, the MoIT said in its recent report.

According to the Vietnam News Agency, wind power imported from Laos will be brought to Vietnam via transmission lines in the central province of Quảng Trị. That means the amount of electricity purchased will depend largely on the infrastructure in this area.

However, the wind power that Lao investors want to sell to Vietnam will exceed the capacity of the provincial power grid as most 200 kV and 110 kV lines in the locality regularly operate between 80% and 100% of the designed capacity. Particularly in the dry season from May to July, the province can only receive a maximum of 300 MW of electricity while the remaining months of the year can receive a lower level.

According to EVN, with the additional grid infrastructure and connection lines and the operation of the 500 kV Hướng Hóa substation, the province could only receive 2,500 MW of electricity from Laos. But this figure would be 1,650 MW lower than the total capacity that Lao investors wanted to sell to Vietnam.