KPMG Partners With Four Organisations to Help ASEAN Businesses Decarbonisation Push

Professional services firm KPMG has partnered with four other organisations, through the KPMG ASEAN Decarbonisation Hub, to equip businesses in the region to meet their sustainability goals in the face of strong economic headwinds and uncertainties.

Through this partnership, businesses in the region will be able to “plug-and-play” decarbonisation solutions as they undertake ESG transformation towards meeting net zero goals.

They will also be able to raise green financing, gain credible accreditations and certifications, and leverage digital tools for cost-effective growth. A major focus of the partnership will be to facilitate low-carbon and energy-efficiency project origination, structuring, financing and implementation.

The four partnering organisations are Bureau Veritas (BV), Energy Institute (EI), Maybank Singapore (Maybank) and two research institutes at the National University of Singapore (NUS) – Energy Studies Institute (ESI) and Sustainable and Green Finance Institute (SGFIN).

These four organisations have each signed a Memorandum of Understanding with KPMG to provide their complementary expertise to catalyse businesses’ decarbonisation goals via the Hub.

This collaborative alliance aims to fast-track decarbonisation of energy, transport, and real estate sectors in the region, and develop capabilities of businesses in innovative energy-efficient technologies & green financing solutions.

Decarbonisation is expected to drive 5.5 million jobs globally by 2050 and 50,000 in Singapore by 2030 in areas such as energy efficiency, supply chain decarbonisation, green procurement, new energy technologies, carbon trading and green finance.

Sharad Somani, Partner, Head of KPMG ESG, KPMG in Singapore said: “To successfully tackle climate change, collaboration is essential. That’s why KPMG created the ASEAN Decarbonisation Hub – to bring together organisations with complementary skills, with the shared goal of net-zero emissions. KPMG is also expanding the tools, financing and access to expertise for both public and private sectors to help build resilience and reach sustainability objectives during uncertain economic conditions – all in pursuit of achieving net-zero emissions.”

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