Korea Water Resources CEO Named as New Chair of Asia Water Council

The CEO of Korea Water Resources Corp., Yun Seog-dae, has been named the fourth chairman of the Asia Water Council (AWC), during the council’s general meeting held in Hwaseong, South Korea.

Established in 2016, AWC is a platform that targets solutions to water issues in Asia and beyond and links Asian countries and international organisations. Korea Water Resources also known as K-water, took the initiative in establishing the council and serves as the current chair and organising committee, according to a report from The Korean Herald.

The recent Hwaseong meeting saw more than 200 stakeholders from 50 Asian nations attend and was the council’s first in-person meeting since the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the meeting, 29 new board members were elected as third-term directors, including Yun as chairman, and the board ratified its commitment to raise its status in the international community.

It is also expected to expand investments in the water sector and make the AWC a central platform for global cooperation beyond Asia through international conferences such as next year’s 10th World Water Forum in Indonesia and the Third Asia International Water Week in China, also scheduled for 2024.

Commenting on his appointment Yun said: “I am very honored to be elected chairman of AWC, a representative joint water platform in Asia. I understand the great responsibility that comes with being elected at a time when we face the major challenge of solving global water issues for sustainable development,”