Kemin Food Technologies Opens Center of Excellence for Food Innovation in Asia

Global ingredient manufacturer Kemin Industries has strengthened its operations in Asia with the opening of BITEPod, its new center of excellence for its food technologies business in Singapore.

Based in The Rutherford in Singapore’s Science Park, the innovative application-and-experience center, complete with advanced kitchen facilities and a research-and-development laboratory, focuses on developing prototypes and improving formulations for the food and beverage industries.

Designed to address the needs of food processors and manufacturers across various market segments, the new facility is an addition to its existing analytical and innovation facilities in China and India.

With BITEPod, the business unit aims to drive sustainable innovation; reduce environmental impact through shelf-life extension; and tackle the food and beverage industries’ changing needs.

“The market is always interested in new food technologies. BITEPod enables innovative collaborations and partnerships with institutions, empowering co-creation to address challenges such as inflation, food security and environmental impact for future generations,” said Michelle Lim, President, Kemin Food Technologies – Asia.