Kao Releases Action Policy on Biodiversity

Japanese global chemical and cosmetics company Kao Corporation has revised its action policies on the conservation of biodiversity and released them as the Action Policy on Biodiversity.

The Tokyo-based firm said in conjunction with consumers, business partners, and society in general, it will continue actively to engage in biodiversity conservation and restoration, as well as to take actions that lead to the regeneration of nature.

Kao revised its Basic Policy on Biodiversity in April 2022. The company said it has aimed to reverse biodiversity from loss to recovery by reducing negative impacts on nature while increasing actions that have a positive impact.

Kao has now released its Action Policy on Biodiversity, which provides more detailed information on the contents of the Basic Policy on Biodiversity.

In line with the Basic Policy, the guidelines reflect specific actions to maintain the ongoing trend back towards conservation and restoration of biodiversity and regeneration of nature, as well as Kao’s stance on international biodiversity information disclosure and target setting.

In addition, a new section, aiming for symbiosis between people, nature, and chemistry, has been added to the policy to assess the impact of chemical substances on biodiversity and to demonstrate the company’s stance on addressing the challenges of both biodiversity and climate change.

For its part, the Japanese firm said it is actively promoting sustainable raw material procurement, the development of technologies to make effective use of limited raw materials, and activities aimed at achieving zero waste.