Indonesian Manufacturer Marks Fourth Year as Carbon-Neutral Company

Paint manufacturer PT Mowilex (Mowilex) received its fourth consecutive Carbon Neutral certification from Climate Impact Partners, completing Scope 1, 2 and 3 evaluations that follow the global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.

Mowilex earned certification by recording significant carbon reductions and offsets over a 12-month period. Onetime events, including a return to the office and the restart of post-pandemic business travel, slightly raised the company’s carbon totals from the previous year.

The manufacturer also operated in multiple facilities while moving to a new energy-efficient factory that will eventually reduce the company’s carbon footprint by up to 7%. Residual emissions were offset via carbon credits.

Last month, Mowilex installed a solar canopy that is expected to permanently reduce carbon emissions at the company’s headquarters by up to 30%. The panels shade cars while producing the maximum solar output allowed by current state electric company regulations.

The company has also embarked on efficiency initiatives that reduced air conditioner power use, deployed efficient lighting systems, converted various diesel-powered equipment to electric-powered equipment, and insulated several buildings to reduce energy use.

“Our fourth consecutive carbon-neutral company certification from Climate Impact Partners demonstrates Mowilex’s commitment to the environment and society. As an ethical company, we know the hidden costs of pollution outweigh the challenges and costs of doing the right thing,” said Niko Safavi, CEO of PT Mowilex Indonesia.

Mowilex Head of Sustainability Tania Wakhidah Ariningtyas added: “By cutting emissions at home, Mowilex is helping Indonesia reach targets of 25% renewable energy by 2030 and net zero carbon by 2060.”

However the firm’s sustainability efforts are not just domestic, the company also supports carbon-reducing efforts in neighbouring countries, through two projects certified by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.”

At Thailand’s SPM Farm, an efficient wastewater treatment system lowers methane emissions while capturing biogas that fuels electricity-generating engines. At the Burgos Wind Project, the Philippines’ largest wind farm, 50 turbines generate clean electricity, create jobs and promote environmental education.

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