India Pushes Ahead With Green Hydrogen Ambitions

In a move to improve the country’s energy security and help it cut carbon dioxide emissions, the Indian government has approved a US$2 billion plan to build a green hydrogen industry and become a major exporter of clean energy.

As one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission is expected to cut around 50 million tonnes of carbon emissions, make significant savings on fossil fuel imports and potentially create in excess of 500,000 directly linked jobs

Commenting on the move, the Minister of Information Anurag Thakur said India can use green hydrogen for energy, feedstock and mobility, and also export it to other countries.

Global green hydrogen demand is expected to be 100 million tonnes by 2030. The US and the EU have invested billions in their own green hydrogen campaigns. Several Indian companies have also articulated plans for the business.

“The mission will facilitate demand creation, production, utilisation and export of green hydrogen. An enabling policy framework will be developed to support the establishment of a green hydrogen ecosystem,” Thakur said. “Our aim is to establish India as a global hub of green hydrogen.”

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