Hong Kong Can Become a Major Green Tech, Finance Hub

Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary Paul Chan said Hong Kong has the potential to become an international hub for green technology and finance, which he described as key drivers of the economy.

He said authorities have granted over US$102 million to support the research and development of green technologies, such as renewable energy and green transport.

The financial secretary also noted that Hong Kong has seen strong growth in the green finance market in recent years.

He said in 2022, green and sustainable debt instruments worth over US$80 billion were issued or arranged in Hong Kong, including 35% of all green bonds issued in Asian markets.

Writing on his official blog, Chan said more than 200 green technology companies are now operating in the territory, and some of them have taken their products into international markets.

Chan added that the Hong Kong Green Week, which takes place at the end of this month, will feature forums and seminars that give full play to the SAR’s role as an international platform for environmentally-friendly industries.