Honda to Test Carbon-Free Battery-Powered Outboard Motor

Honda Motor will start demonstration tests this month on a battery-powered outboard motor with the objective of achieving carbon-free marine transportation.

The outboard unit has a motor and lithium-ion batteries normally for use in motorcycles. While cruising, it is free of carbon emissions and produces fewer vibrations and noise compared to conventional outboard engines.

For the tests, a model of the outboard unit will be installed on a pleasure boat that sails through the moat around Matsue Castle.

The Japanese automotive and power conglomerate says fitting the entire fleet of pleasure boats there with the outboard units is projected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 47 tons per year.

Honda has yet to decide on using the outboard unit for practical applications, but the automaker plans to use the trials to study the unit’s performance and impact on pleasure boat operations.

A Honda official told Japan’s NHK News that the tests will check the unit’s practical efficiency and explore additional methods to ensure commercial viability, adding that the move is an important step forward in the company’s efforts to achieve carbon-free water transportation.