Hang Lung Teams Up with Green Startup and NGO to Shape Circularity in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Hang Lung Properties (Hang Lung) announced its partnership with Hong Kong-based green startup Sustainable Office Solutions (SOS) and Crossroads Foundation, a local non-profit serving global needs, to implement a holistic resource utilisation scheme for Hang Lung’s Hong Kong Office Rejuvenation Project.

The first phase of the collaboration has seen over 3,200 office resources being reused, redistributed, or recycled, successfully diverting nearly 140,000 kg of municipal waste from landfill and avoiding more than 510 tons of carbon emissions—the equivalent of the carbon emissions generated by over 3,000 flights between Hong Kong and Singapore.

Since May 2023, Hang Lung has been undergoing a major rejuvenation project for its Hong Kong offices, which aims to create workplaces that promote wellness, engagement, and a collaborative culture.

“Sustainability is one of our core values, and we are committed to embedding sustainable practices across all our operations and workplaces. We are delighted to see the positive impacts we have achieved in both the environmental and social spheres through our collaboration with SOS and Crossroads Foundation,” said Janet Poon, Director of Human Resources & Administration of Hang Lung Properties.

With sustainability being one of the core values of the company, thorough reviews were conducted to identify ways in which to minimise the project’s environmental impacts and promote employee and community wellbeing. Measures implemented as part of the scheme include:

Staff Take Home Program: Hang Lung’s Hong Kong employees were encouraged to take home well-maintained office furniture and electronic appliances, including task chairs, pedestals, computer monitors and ovens, for free. The first round of the program was well-received, with close to 90 staff members participating.

Donation to NGOs: 182 items of office resources were donated to 14 NGOs in the initial phase of the collaboration, including Crossroads Foundation, Oxfam Hong Kong, and Hong Kong PHAB Association, spanning different NGO sectors in Hong Kong. These assets help support the planning and implementation of their community projects.

Reuse: Hang Lung is currently using numerous recycled office resources at its swing office, while others are being stored for reuse upon completion of the Project.

Upcycle: Resources that cannot be reused, such as wooden desktops, will be processed and transformed into items like office panels for secondary use.

Recycle: Other remaining non-reusable resources will be sent to local recyclers for treatment to maximize their circular economy benefits.

Markus Oetiker, Global Distribution Operations Manager of Crossroads Foundation, said: “This partnership is a wonderful example of how different parties can come together to impact the community positively. We were so pleased to see the office furniture matched with local NGOs to help refurbish their service centers. It has been such a pleasure to play our part alongside Hang Lung and SOS in redirecting these resources into the hands of those in need.”