GreenArc Capital Joins the Franklin Templeton Singapore Fintech Incubator

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Franklin Templeton has announced the admission of GreenArc Capital, a Singapore-based Fintech offering ESG impact analytics and Software as a service (SaaS)-based reporting tool, into the Franklin Templeton Singapore Fintech Incubator.

Through its accredited impact measurement solution that leverages artificial intelligence and big data, GreenArc Capital aims to bring standardisation and transparency in sustainability lending and investments by empowering financial institutions and investors with the tools and robust insights to better measure, validate and understand the environmental and social impact of their investments.

Chetan Karkhanis, SVP, Digital Strategy and Wealth Management, Asia Pacific, Franklin Templeton, said: “The sustainable investing landscape has seen substantial growth in Asia Pacific, but inconsistent disclosure requirements and the absence of unified reporting standards have been cited as key barriers for its continued growth.”

“Technology has the potential to address some of these challenges, especially when combined with increased availability of sustainability data following regulatory changes such as the recent introduction of mandatory ESG disclosures for listed companies in Singapore.”

“We look forward to working with GreenArc Capital as well as other FinTech and green tech players through our incubator to catalyze new and innovative solutions that help support the shift towards a net-zero economy.”

GreenArc Capital Rony Palathinkal, CEO added: “With the sustainable finance sector taking centre stage amongst investors, financial institutions, and regulators alike, our selection to the program by Franklin Templeton validates how important impact measurement is in bringing transparency and credibility to strengthen this market, particularly in the era of greenwashing.

Operating at the intersection of sustainable investing and technology, we look forward to using our cutting-edge data-driven platform to bring more clarity and standardization to the sector.”

The participation of GreenArc Capital in the Franklin Templeton Singapore FinTech Incubator is also in line with Franklin Templeton’s commitment to be responsible stewards of clients’ assets and a global leader in sustainability.

The Franklin Templeton Singapore FinTech Incubator is Franklin Templeton’s first FinTech incubator in Asia Pacific, and it is a part of the firm’s broader commitment to invest in innovation and support creative FinTech startups across the region.

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