Green RWA and Finastra Unveil New Platform for Climate Risk Management

Finastra, a global provider of financial software applications and marketplaces, and Green RWA, a pioneering association in climate transition, announced the launch of the Climate-Extended Risk Model (CERM) Sandbox.

The new platform offers an interactive and immersive experience for banks to understand and manage climate risks in a simple and accessible manner.

According to Green RWA the CERM lies at the core of the Sandbox, designed to enhance financial resilience in the face of climate change.

The climate risk management framework comprises two main components: physical and transition risks. By integrating this into the existing capital framework, the solution extends the current credit risk model used by banks, providing a comprehensive approach for identifying long-term, global, and evolving climate risks and enabling more accurate calculations of potential losses.

“By launching the CERM Sandbox, we aim to provide the finance industry with a comprehensive approach to understanding and managing climate-related financial risks at the highest level,” said Olivier Vinciguerra, Chair of Green RWA.

“This is a huge achievement, in line with Green RWA’s goal to support energy transition financing, and I want to thank Finastra for its support on that journey.”

Head of Innovation at Finastra Chirine BenZaied-Bourgerie added: “Including environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors within risk assessments has become a board-level discussion for banks. Finastra is open by default, and we believe that open culture and technology are key for innovation and collaboration. By bringing the Sandbox to the community, we are helping the global banking industry effectively manage the impact of climate risks in their lending portfolios.”