Dow Partners With China’s Mengniu Dairy on Sustainable Packaging Breakthrough

Global materials science company Dow has partnered with Mengniu, a leading dairy company in China, to launch an all-polyethylene (PE) yogurt pouch designed for recyclability. The companies say the innovation strengthens their commitment to achieving a circular economy in China.

Leveraging the materials science expertise of Dow and the collaboration across the value chain, Mengniu developed its first all-PE yogurt pouch designed for recyclability. Dow’s INNATE TF-BOPE resins help ensure that packaging maintains its superior appearance and productiveness.

The newly developed all-PE packaging enabled by cutting-edge resins is a breakthrough for the dairy industry, as it enables traditional hard-to-recycle packaging to be integrated into closed-loop recycling streams through responsible recycling and mechanical recycling technology, providing consumers with more choices of sustainable packaging.

Mengniu set a goal to achieve 100% technically recyclable packaging by 2025, striving to adopt low-carbon packaging in all product lines. Environmental-friendly manufacturing is an important pillar of Mengniu’s sustainability strategy, and adopting more sustainable packaging is one significant action to fulfil the commitment.

Mengniu’s yogurt with this all-PE packaging designed for recyclability will be unveiled at the 2023 International Dairy Forum from Aug 4 to Aug 7 in Hohhot, a major city in Northern China, and will be available starting from supermarkets across the city.

“This partnership with Mengniu is a milestone for both brands to pioneer all-PE dairy packaging designed for recyclability in China. The country’s ambition to work towards Zero-waste Cities has changed how it tackles plastic waste,” said Bambang Candra, Asia Pacific commercial vice president of Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics.