Dove and Rimba Collective Partner to Protect Southeast Asian Rainforest

In partnership with the Rimba Collective, personal care brand Dove announced its “Dove Nature Regeneration Project” – an initiative that will help protect and restore 123,000 acres of rainforest in Southeast Asia.

The Dove Nature Regeneration Project is made possible by the Unilever Climate & Nature Fund. Established in 2020, the Fund is a commitment to invest €1 billion over ten years in meaningful climate, nature, and resource efficiency projects, to transform the way its products are made and reach the end of life.

Re-establishing forest cover is not only proven to reduce the impact of natural disasters such as flooding and landslides, but it also protects vulnerable biodiversity – in this case, critical habitats for approximately 80 endangered wildlife species such as the Sunda pangolin and the helmeted hornbill.

Dove is working with the Rimba Collective, a coalition of consumer goods businesses and agricultural growers, processors, and traders. In partnership with NGOs, governments, and conservation experts, the Collective has committed to delivering a positive impact on natural ecosystems at scale over the next 30 years by directly embedding forest conservation finance into supply chains.

In doing so, it aims to improve the livelihoods of 8,000 local people, through job creation and increased access to education, healthcare, clean water, and sanitation.

Through the partnership, the Rimba Collective will provide training and seed capital to promote the sustainable management of natural resources in the regions it reaches.

The Southeast Asian project will also support livelihoods based on forest-friendly commodities by improving productivity, enhancing product quality, and providing better market access for local communities.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Dove on projects designed to create long-term positive impact for biodiversity, communities, and the climate in Southeast Asia – areas we are deeply passionate about,” says Michal Zrust, CEO, of Lestari Capital, the parent company of the Rimba Collective.

“Dove has made it clear that nature is at the heart of its business strategy. This is essential for changing the trajectory of the planet for the next generation, and I look forward to continuing our shared commitment to conservation long into the future.”