Deloitte Launches Decarbonisation Software Tool

Global professional services firm Deloitte announced the launch of “GreenLight Solution by Deloitte”, an enterprise decarbonisation Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that helps organisations achieve decarbonisation targets balanced against business goals.

“Many business leaders around the world are feeling the impacts of climate change on their organisations and are working to set ambitious sustainability targets, but they need comprehensive, validated data and insights to take concrete steps toward decarbonisation,” said John Mennel, sustainability strategy leader and managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

“Even as economic and technological factors change, this solution can enable companies to build a complete picture of their roadmap, understand how to prioritize projects based on economics and time horizons, and update that view continuously as real-world conditions change.”

GreenLight Solution is a SaaS-based cloud solution built on CortexAI — a cutting-edge, scalable, artificial intelligence (AI) platform for data management and analytics.

This first release comprises seven integrated flexible-use software assets and incorporates one of the largest global data libraries, including 150,000 emissions factors and 200 real-world tested emissions abatement projects including projects for hard-to-abate activities and commodities like maritime and air travel, steel manufacturing, and others.

The platform also includes advanced data automation and transformation capabilities, and leverages a large ecosystem of technology companies to integrate with an organization’s preferred enterprise system.

The solution provides insight into the potential financial impacts associated with different climate action initiatives, including access to resources from a global credits and incentives hub covering 16,000 programs in 70 countries that can help identify tax credits and incentives by category, solution or geography.

By employing optimization algorithms to establish a portfolio of opportunities, GreenLight Solution helps organizations determine the right sequencing of projects to achieve decarbonization targets balanced against business goals.

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