Climate Impact X Announces New Carbon Market Price Assessments

Climate Impact X (CIX), a global marketplace, auctions house and exchange for carbon credits, has shared details of a suite of price assessments the company will launch in parallel with its upcoming spot trading platform, CIX Exchange.

The new pricing intelligence will cater to growing demands from global carbon market participants for more transparent and market-representative benchmarks.

CIX will initially offer a suite of price assessments tracking the value of credits that support Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+), which channel finance towards the conservation and sustainable management of forests, and the enhancement of forest carbon stocks.

These assessments will cover standardised contracts tradeable on CIX Exchange, including the company’s first benchmark contract announced in March, CIX Nature X (Nature X), as well as a range of price differentials for various credit vintages.

The Nature X benchmark will prioritise firm open-market transactions and orders on CIX Exchange, helping to establish a robust and transparent market-driven price marker.

The narrower project eligibility of the Nature X contract will ensure a tight and accurate benchmark reflecting globally recognised and accepted REDD+ projects.

As a commitment to a resilient and well-functioning benchmarking process, CIX said it has built its pricing methodology and governance processes in accordance with global best practice. The company is currently seeking alignment with the International Organisation of Securities Commission’s (IOSCO) principles for commodity price benchmarks – a detailed set of guidelines relating to governance and control systems.

CIX is aiming for its published price assessments to adhere to these principles from the very first day of publication and have engaged an independent auditor to conduct a limited assurance review in the weeks following launch.

Julien Hall, Pricing Director at CIX, said: “The global voluntary carbon market is still nascent, which makes the availability of credible price signals crucial for efficient market building. Through the combination of CIX Exchange’s transactions and firm orders, alongside external market data, we aim to help elevate price transparency by building robust reference prices.

“Greater trust and transparency will help to reduce the asymmetry of market information and improve the predictability of carbon trading and investment decisions. CIX will continue to innovate and build on these assessments in response to industry needs and as the market develops over time.”

CIX spot market assessments will be distributed each day via the CIX Carbon Daily market intelligence.

Based in Singapore, CIX is jointly owned by DBS Bank, Singapore Exchange (SGX Group), Standard Chartered Bank and Temasek’s decarbonisation investment platform company GenZero.

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