China Launches First Semi-Submersible Offshore Solar Power Platform

CIMC RAFFLES, one of China’s largest offshore engineering firms, has launched and delivered China’s first semi-submersible offshore floating solar power platform, which is a self-developed and self-owned intellectual property.

The platform has been officially handed over to CIMC Solar Marine Technology (Yantai), and has been towed to the designated location for deployment.

The platform has four single float arrays and a total installed capacity of 400 kWp, as well as a net deck area of approximately 1900 square meters.

The platform is equipped with eight systems: floating structure support, buoyancy material, multi-body connection and mooring, fender collision avoidance, photovoltaic (PV) power generation and inverter, intelligent monitoring, dynamic subsea cable transmission, and power consumption.

Furthermore, the platform can operate safely in open sea areas with wave heights of up to 6.5 meters, wind speeds of up to 34 meters per second, and tidal differences of up to 4.6 meters.

Aligning with China’s “dual carbon” goals, the development prospects of the PV industry are highly promising. In 2022, CIMC RAFFLES partnered with the Yantai Municipal Government to jointly establish CIMC Solar, which offers integrated solutions for the comprehensive development of offshore PV, leveraging CIMC RAFFLES’s rich experience in semi-submersible product engineering.

A spokesperson from CIMC Offshore Renewable Energy, the developer of the platform said the floating PV power generation platform is China’s first completed semi-submersible offshore PV demonstration project and will serve as an excellent model for future product development and will help pave the way toward the deep-sea development of a new semi-submersible PV power generation sector.

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