Bengaluru Airport Ups Sustainability With Electric Airport Taxis

Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru (BLR Airport) said it has taken a significant step forward in its sustainability journey with the introduction of a new fleet of electric vehicle (EV) Airport Taxis, in collaboration with Refex eVeelz.

The new EV fleet comprises 175 compact SUVs, marking a significant shift from traditional fuel-based taxis. With over 50% of the fleet being electric, BLR Airport aims to drastically reduce carbon emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment benefiting both the immediate surroundings of the airport and beyond.

BLR Airport’s commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond greener transportation solutions. Commemorating World Environment Day, the Airport also planted 100 trees in its campus showcasing its dedication to nurturing and revitalising the surroundings, creating green spaces that offer shade and solace to all who pass through.

Hari Marar, Managing Director & CEO of Bangalore International Airport Ltd, said: “At BIAL, our commitment to sustainability drives us to consistently implement initiatives that benefits the environment. The introduction of our EV taxi fleet and the tree planting drive are significant strides towards reducing our carbon footprint and enhancing the green spaces within our airport. With a strong focus on providing sustainable ecological solutions, these initiatives positively contribute to the ecosystem and improve the overall experience for our passengers and benefits the local community.”

The new EV taxis can be booked by travellers, either at the airport taxi stands in both terminals or through the user-friendly BLR Pulse mobile application. Furthermore, the redesigned EV taxis come in two distinctive colours: teal, signifying the airport’s unwavering dedication to sustainability, and pink, specifically allocated for female passengers and operated by female drivers, thus amplifying safety and inclusivity for all travellers.