Bangladesh to Host World’s First Climate Action Fashion Forum

The Bangladesh Climate Action Forum (BCAF) will host the world’s first climate conference for the fashion industry this October.

The event will bring together policymakers, garment manufacturers, fashion retailers and other stakeholders to look at solutions for decarbonising global textile supply chains.

While Bangladesh is the world’s second-largest garment exporting country, the nation is also ranked as the seventh extreme disaster risk-prone country in the world.

According to the industry publication Ecotextile News, one of the key themes of the event will be the technological and financial challenges associated with reducing emissions.

The forum will also discuss the use of renewable energy as energy transition is crucial for fashion brands to meet their climate targets, and the shift towards renewable energy sources, such as solar power, by garment factories will be explored.

Event organiser, Mostafiz Uddin, said: “The climate emergency is the foremost issue of our time. How we tackle it has huge implications for fashion brands and their supply chains, which have an outsized impact on carbon emissions.”

“Bangladesh is the perfect stage for the Climate Action Forum. As well as being a major producer of garments, it is also itself a victim of the increasingly unstable global climate and has witnessed a marked increase in weather extremes in the past decade,” Uddin added.