Bangladesh Gets US$500 Million World Bank Funding to Improve Climate-Resilient Agriculture

The government of Bangladesh and the World Bank signed a US$500 million funding agreement to enhance climate-resilient agricultural growth and food security.

It is hoped the $500 million Program on Agricultural and Rural Transformation for Nutrition, Entrepreneurship, and Resilience (PARTNER) will help transform the agriculture sector by promoting crop diversification, food safety, and climate resilience across agri-food systems of Bangladesh. 

The Program will support sustainable and nutritious food production through greater efficiency in input use, good agriculture practices, and the promotion of stress-tolerant and nutrient-dense varieties.

It will also help increase entrepreneurship and access to services by expanding access to digital agricultural services tools, improving food safety processes, and increasing female and youth entrepreneurship.

The financing will also help modernise institutions and policies through improved data management, increased research and development activities, and partnerships with global agricultural research institutions and with the private sector.

Sharifa Khan, Secretary, Economic Relations Division, Government of Bangladesh said: “Our National Agriculture Policy places high priority to ensure nutrition, food security, and climate resilient agriculture. By ensuring food security, empowering farmers, and creating opportunities for entrepreneurship, this project will contribute to sustainable economic growth.”