Bangkok Airport Begins Solar Power Push

In a bid to promote it as Thailand’s first green airport, the Airports of Thailand (AOT) has started the installation of solar cells at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport’s passenger terminal.

The initial stage of the project is projected to save more than 11 million baht per year and reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by over 3,600 tons.

AOT said it also plans to install 50 megawatts of solar cells on buildings and ponds in the airport area, accounting for up to 20% of the airport’s energy consumption.

AOT President Kerati Kijmanawat said that the publicly listed company has cooperated with District Cooling System and Power Plant (DCAP) to install 4.4 megawatts of solar power at the airport terminal.

“AOT is paying attention to environmental management along with promoting eco-friendly tourism. We expect this project to help reduce heat in the terminal by more than 7C and reduce energy consumption for air conditioning by 2%,” he said.

AOT has received cooperation from relevant agencies for the project planning and testing in order to meet international standards and ensure maximum benefits and safety without causing an impact on aviation, he added.