Australian Government Starts Consultation on Roadmap to a Net Zero Transport Sector

The Australian Government is seeking public feedback on the most effective options for governments, business, and the community, to reduce emissions in the transport sector by 2050.

The Transport and Infrastructure Net Zero Consultation Roadmap, which has just been released, identifies opportunities for productivity benefits and innovation through decarbonising transport and transport infrastructure.

The Roadmap process is intended to identify tangible and achievable changes that can help navigate the path to a cleaner future in a way that is economically responsible, creates jobs and eases cost of living.

Transport is currently the third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, amounting to 21 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2023. Without action, transport emissions are on track to be the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia by 2030. 

The Government is developing a Net Zero 2050 plan, to ensure Australia maximises the benefits of the global transformation to net zero and provide long-term policy certainty to drive investment in low emissions and renewable technologies. 

To support the Plan, the Government is developing six sectoral plans covering electricity and energy; industry; resources; the built environment; agriculture and land; and transport. 

The Transport and Infrastructure Net Zero Roadmap and Action Plan will be the net zero sectoral plan for the transport and transport infrastructure sectors. 

Taking action will increase the productivity and resilience of the sector, the infrastructure which it underpins and support job creation from the sector’s Net Zero transition.

By providing feedback on the Consultation Roadmap, all Australians now have an opportunity to share their views on the potential pathways for transport and transport infrastructure and the actions governments, business and the community can take for those sectors to contribute to net zero by 2050. 

This feedback will guide the development of the actions and policies that the Government will commit to in the final Transport and Infrastructure Net Zero Roadmap and Action Plan, which will be released later this year.

Australian climate change and energy minister Chris Bowen said: “Across the economy, Australia emitted about 465 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent gases in the past year, with the transport sector responsible for about a fifth of those emissions. 

“There are exciting opportunities for positive change and innovation that will come with decarbonising our transport and infrastructure sectors. Our recently-passed National Vehicle Emissions Standards will avoid about 80Mt of emissions by 2035, and save billions in fuel costs. I encourage all interested Australians to have their say on the Consultation Roadmap.”