Aussie Bank Partners With Charging Network to Support Electric Vehicle Transition

Australian lender Westpac announced a partnership with the operator of Australia’s largest electric vehicle (EV), charging network, Chargefox, to help customers who want to make the transition to a greener vehicle.

Customers of the bank who finance an eligible EV will receive 1,250 kWh of free public charging to use over a period of up to 12 months at more than 1,500 Chargefox stations around the country. This equates, (based on 17.9 kWh per 100 km), to approximately 7,000 km of driving and could result in up to A$750 in savings on charging.

Chargefox is Australia’s largest and fastest-growing EV charging network with over 1500 publicly available charging plugs around the country. Over 80,000 Australian EV drivers use the Chargefox network with a driver plugging in every minute.

Westpac Managing Director of Consumer Finance, Steve Rubenstein, said: “Electric vehicle uptake in Australia is growing, with EV share of domestic car sales increasing sharply in recent years.”

“We know that many people are motivated by saving on fuel when considering making the switch to electric, but they also have concerns about running out of battery on the road. We want to help increase access to charging stations and support our customers who want to make the transition.”

Chargefox CEO, John Sullivan, added: “We’re excited to partner with Westpac to help enhance the affordability of EVs. Our mission is to make simple and affordable charging attainable by all EV drivers, creating a cleaner future.”